About SHG

SHG FINANCE PLC. is a CRDT Social Enterprise. SHG FINANCE PLC. and CRDT’s Livelihoods Program together provide integrated services to beneficiaries under the CRDT Implementation Strategy. SHG FINANCE PLC. receives administrative support from CRDT and operates under the umbrella of its policies except where special arrangements are made for SHG FINANCE PLC. The General Manager, SHG FINANCE PLC. reports on a day-to-day basis to the Executive Director of CRDT, who in turn acts on behalf of the Board of Directors of SHG FINANCE PLC. The General Manager of SHG FINANCE PLC. is a member of the CRDT Management Team and the CRDT Social Enterprises Executive Committee.

our values

Rural and urban poor communities are empowered to access viable financial services for sustainable economic development, financial security, living with dignity and a clean environment.

our mission

To create social equity and mutual assistance to mobilize and promote savings, which provides self-sustaining viable credit services for communities through the formation of self-help groups, while providing capacity building and development for small and medium sized enterprises.